Crystals to aid a calm Christmas!

With Christmas just around the corner, we all need a little extra calm in our lives. 

Listed below are Lapis London’s recommendation of the top 3 crystals known for their calming qualities:

1.  Amethyst known for its protective, healing, and calming qualities, Amethyst is considered a deeply soothing stone which helps to calm an overactive mind, replacing depression and anxiety with peace and balance. It is thought to be beneficial in reducing pain, stress, and tension, as well as aiding a restful night’s sleep.  It is also thought to improve concentration, memory, and focus. 

2.  Tree Agate is known as the stone of inner peace. Just as a leafy forest brings calmness, its soothing and relaxing energy is believed to help you achieve balance and stability. It is said to bring abundance and good luck into your life.

 tree agate gemstone bracelet              














 3.  White Howlite is considered a calming, peaceful stone that settles an overactive mind and alleviates stress and anxiety. It is believed to help you to formulate and achieve your dreams and ambitions.

  inner peace, balance, grounding and abundance gemstone bracelet set

Crystals are amazing natural wonders, believed for centuries to encompass unique energies to enhance different aspects of your life. They have an energy field that is thought to positively interact with our own, directing, amplifying, focusing and absorbing energy in the body. Incorporating crystals into jewellery is an easy way of keeping them close for us to benefit from their qualities.  Hopefully this guide will help you find a beautiful gemstone jewellery piece that will also aid in encouraging peace and tranquility at Christmas!