Do You Need Some Inspiration For a Thoughtful Valentine's Gift?

Do you need some Inspiration for a thoughtful Valentine's gift that she will love, or do you want to give your other half some helpful hints? Either way Lapis London has got you covered, as who doesn’t love beautiful jewellery?! 

Rose Quartz

You can’t go wrong with Rose Quartz jewellery for Valentines.  It’s a perfect meaningful gift, as Rose Quartz is known as the gemstone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart and is thought to encourage deeper inner healing and self-love, which in turn helps you to attract love of all kinds into your life:


Gemstone bracelets

The Octahedron Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace or matching Octahedron earrings below.


Rose Quartz Octahedron Earrings


Another Gemstone associated with love is Emerald, it is known as a stone of truth, love, inspiration, and patience, bringing contentment and loyalty to friendships and relationships. The stone symbolises unconditional love and promotes physical and emotional wellbeing. It is also the birthstone for May.

Emerald Birthstone Tumble

Emerald Tumble Necklace

Emerald The Rectangle Gold Plated Necklace


The beautiful hues of green and blue and its calming energy make Amazonite a popular gemstone. Considered the stone of hope, Amazonite is believed to radiate soothing, relaxing vibes and healing properties. It is said to calm the brain, removing negativity both from within and from the surrounding environment, and shielding against electromagnetic pollution. It is also thought to promote self-love and manifests and attracts universal love.  Given its beautiful hues and its association with love, Amazonite is also a perfect gemstone jewellery gift for Valentines.

Amazonite The Triangle Sterling Silver Necklace
 Amazonite The Triangle Necklace - Silver 


Amazonite The Hexagon

Lapis Lazuli

One of our favourite gemstones Lapis Lazuli, is known as the stone of truth and wisdom, bringing peace, love, protection, and happiness into your life. It is thought to boost the immune system and balance the body’s energy, relieving general pain and inflammation. It is said to calm a restless mind, aid insomnia, and help create a deep inner peace.  It is believed to aid the process of learning and help you connect to your true self, enabling you to shine with confidence and authenticity.



The Duo - Lapis Lazuli Rectangle and Rose Quartz Rough Tumblestone


Lapis Lazuli The Square Earrings


Lapis Lazuli The Square Earrings

Happy Valentine’s Day, we hope your chosen gift is a huge success!  Love Lapis London xx