Lapis London Happy and Harmonious Home Crystal Toolkit
Lapis London Happy and Harmonious Home Crystal Toolkit
Lapis London Happy and Harmonious Home Crystal Toolkit with selenite bowl
clear quartz
black tourmaline
desert rose
rose quartz
dalmatian jasper
Lapis London Happy and Harmonious Home Crystal Toolkit
Lapis London Happy and Harmonious Home Crystal Toolkit

Happy & Harmonious Home Crystal Tookit

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This beautiful toolkit comprises crystals with properties said to cleanse, protect and clear a home of negative energy whilst promoting and manifesting happiness, calm, prosperity, love and harmony. 

Perfect as a gift to wish someone well in their new home or as a self-gift to create your own happy home.  

Amethyst - A calming stone to reduce stress and promote calmness, clarity and contentment in your home.

Clear Quartz - Known as the master healer it brings abundance, tranquility, provides positive energy and helps to cleanse and purify your home.  It also amplifies the energy of the other crystals included in the kit.  

Black Tourmaline - A grounding protection stone that protects the home from negative energy and influences.  

Pyrite - Known as the stone of success, it is thought to attract prosperity and good fortune into the home and help create happy and harmonious relationships. 

Desert Rose - This crystal acts as a natural energy cleanser, and can help with restful sleep.  It raises the vibration of your home and brings in more light.

Rose Quartz - Exudes a powerful and loving energy that helps promote loving relationships.  It is a stone of peace, harmony and love.

Citrine - Associated with prosperity, abundance, light and happiness, it is thought to emit large amounts of positive energy.

Dalmatian Jasper - Associated with physical and mental wellbeing, it is a nurturing stone that is thought to bring stability and happiness into a home.  It is also considered as grounding and centering.  

Arrange your crystals together as a beautiful collection to admire or alternatively place them in a specific area of your home to utilise their energies to set your intentions.

Hallway - Cleansing & Protection - Black Tourmaline

Living Room - Calm & Relaxation - Amethyst

Bedroom - Love, Peace & Rejuvenation - Rose Quartz and Desert Rose

Kitchen - Balance & Healing - Clear Quartz

Bathroom - Relaxation & Cleansing - Dalmatian Jasper

Home Office - Wealth & Abundance - Citrine and Pyrite

Recharge and cleanse your crystals in a selenite bowl or cluster them together with Desert Rose and Clear Quartz to use their energies to recharge and cleanse your other crystals. 

Each crystal measures on average 3-6cm.

Add a Selenite Bowl

Selenite is a calming and purifying crystal known for its cleansing properties, it is one of the few crystals that does not need to be cleansed itself.  It is therefore not only its beauty that makes it perfect to display our crystal toolkits, but it will also cleanse the crystals themselves.  It can also be used as a trinket bowl to cleanse and recharge your gemstone jewellery pieces.  The selenite bowl measures 7-8cm in diameter.

Our jewellery is carefully packaged in our signature Lapis London eco-friendly boxes or pouches. 

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OMG! I love the necklace - it's gorgeous!

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

The "Celebrate Motherhood" bracelet trio made a brilliant gift for my friend's babyshower. They are beautifully made and fit her perfectly. Thank you so much!

Sarah B
Beckenham, Kent

So delighted with my bracelets! I have the Lapis London Signature Collection. I usually wear all 4 together but sometimes just one or two. So delicate and beautiful.

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

I just went through my Lapis order - they are all so beautiful! I am so excited for everyone to open their gifts. Such an amazing jewellery line. Well done!

Ladywell, London

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